domingo, diciembre 2

Who's making the clothes we are wareing?

While in the past centurys mostly women manufactured in homework all the clothing needs for their families, now they have been luckyly freed from this cores. But the machine that sews the clothes for itself without the human hands and abilities has not been invented jet. So now the women in rich countrys are not making the clothes anymore but it would be wrong to beleave that this is a progress for all. The work just was delegated to millions of poor women and men working in sweat shops everywhere in the third world. I understand that we cannot come back to making everything ourselves but we can learn to apreciate this hard work that is beeing done for us through learning how it is done and or getting somehow in contact with the people working for us. Knowing the faces behind our clothes. When we do this, we will probably have a hard time just buying a nice fashionable skirt for little money only to throw it away at the end of the season. That would be a good day for all. And the fashion industry alltogether will have to rethink their ever faster changeing tendencys.