jueves, enero 21

"Isa" the little cardigan

So finally I finished the little cardigan which I was designing using a pattern for a scarf I found in the Spinn-off Magazine.  I can't believe that I just used one single skein of Noro Sockyarn and still had quite a piece left!

I'll probably be publishing on ravelry very soon, so look for me there (Maria Paz) if you are interested on the pattern.

lunes, enero 18

Back and fighting

I'm back.  Had a hard time getting used to the cold weather in Switzerland so I was like frozen for at least two weeks.  Now I'm knitting again, that means probably that I'm back to life after a dream and a time to get back from it.

At first I had to do the sorting thing with my needles, because there is lots of people who know I knit.   They keep on giving me their used needles.