jueves, octubre 29

All things queuing up

There is lots of things I should get to finish soon, some are queuing up for a long time now.

There is the scarf I started knitting with a pattern from Spin off Magazine Number 28.  It is a nice pattern but I'm not a friend of knitting scarfs, so after about 20 cm I decided to make an other piece just like the first (everything with Noro sock-yarn) and let it be turned into the lower part of a round yoke cardi for the little lady of the house.

Then we have the cardi for Noah in Tweedlux from from Schulana, which I must say is a very nice wool but it seams to be an endless source of straw. Most expensive straw I have ever bought!  The basic Model, Bronson comes from last Rowan Magazine an its downloadable for free.  I Could not just leave it and added some little extras to get the fun in the knitting. The photos in general are not soo good, because I did them all at night.  The color is much darker.  I'll make nice photos when finished.

The little lady of the house wants a special dress for the  coming holidays and I found this blue velvet cut and also the perfect pattern as I put some order in my sewing things.  I can show you now the upper part.  I'm very proud to say that the borders in light blue are made from a shirt belonging to my husband that I could not throw away without cutting the best parts of the nice fabric.  Lucky me to have kept the trims for more than two years now.

And when talking about sewing I can say that there is one thing I actually have finished.  I found a long time ago in a flea market an overlock machine.  The name Bambinalock reminds me of the good Baby-lock series.  This must be a copy.  It is 20 years old and comes from a sewing studio.  It is extremely easy to use and very sturdy.  There is no hundreds of extras and it does not make coffee either.  But it does its job perfectly.  Only the electrician part with the cables had to be done first and it took me some time to figure out how.  Now I don't know how could I sew before without an overlock.  It makes the sewing much more fun.  OK, but I would never pay a big sum for one of these. Recycle.

At at last I have to show you what I found in a salvation army shop lately.  You must know first that I'm fascinated by fish figures, pictures, anything.  Well there was this beautiful and complete set of German porcelain to serve fish, all hand painted and just one of a kind.  Every image is different and there is also a big serving platte.  Recycle once again...

martes, octubre 20

Lawyer's Heart

Do lawyers have a heart?  Yes, please, they do.  This humble lawyer here has one that does not exactly know which way to go, or... does this desk look like the desk of a lawyer?

After lots of thinking I'm convinced of being more than a lawyer, a general social sciences person.  I also found the right thing for me in the Master of Advanced Studies in Diversitiy Management from the Lucerne University.  Sounds very good to me if only the financial part was not so...say..difficult (about 25´000 USD of difficulty?).

I did not expect anything better this days.  It has been a quite difficult month.  Many things have gone wrong so I'm seeing my life at the moment through a quite disappointing lens.  And to top all of it our young kitty Nube just disapered!

We are all very sad because of this and have been looking for him everywhere with absolute no success.  We miss him a lot and I realize I miss him most.  He was my everyday companion.  And this just when I made the most beautiful housing for the little furry guy.  Stefanie theached me everything I need to know about felting a house in a very personal felting class.  Now I only need the cat to get everything right.

 And so I somehow always get people to lighten me up.  This time Elise and her big buddy Jacke (dog) came to our door to give us the first reminder of Halloween festivities.  This Dracula fingers are absolutely real.  We were actually scared to eat them, but they tasted delicious.  Elise, get me the recipie here right now!!!

And about the Knitting:  I'll be getting you some images soon of my new cardigan invention for noah and the little sweet cardi made out of sock wool (Noro please) for Isabelle.

Hope the next weeks will be getting sunnier.