viernes, enero 30

Waiting for the Monsoon (clic to hear the podcast)

Maiwa Textiles is doing a lot for the preservation of textile crafts being forgotten through the fast industrialisation of the textile work. They have made a few videos and many podcasts that are worth seeing. I only hope the slowclothes community keeps on growing so that we one day have the possibility to influence decisions and to get our oppinion to be heard and shared by a large ammount of people. See also

miércoles, enero 21

Save the Children

The girls of the knitting club have been working hard on this hats for the babies of Save the Children. I want to hope there is other knitting clubs around here doing this job too. Thogh in Switzerland ist knitting to this point I think still thoght of being something for oldies and hippies. There is no many who belive there is this other kind of knitter who loves fashion and natural fibers.
When I was a child sometimes I saw old men walking around in beautifully made cossy sweaters and always thoght: This man is fortunate, he must have someone who loves him. This is what I really love about the knitting (ok, just looking at woll and its colours and textures makes quite nervous too)
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martes, enero 20

Crazy knitting or "The last Knit"

Absolultly crazy and fantastic video. The worst part is that I feel I'm not far from this!

I do not read Cosmopolitan or else for going to bed no! I look at knitting books! When I have a minute free I knit or spinn and can't think of anything else. If I have the time to go shopping I think first of the wollyshop near in the next village. When I'm watching a bad movie and one of the actors wears a cable sweater I start to wonder how was it done and afterwords I actually do find the film was alright even if it was James Bond himself who was wearing the sweater! What is happening to me...

martes, enero 13


For the ones thinking a five year old is too young to knit! I was in the textile work class of my eight year old son and heard one or the other child saying they can’t learn knitting, it is much too difficult. To all of them and to all of us who may sometimes think something could be too difficult for us to knit, I dedicate this photo.

niño taquile

Knitting teaches us not to give up and to trust ourselves and what is in us. As the Buddhism says:

What is in our past and what is in our future is nothing compared to what is in us!

I found this photo in the very precious book by Marcia Lewandowski

Folk Knits