martes, noviembre 17

Partially finished

The blue velvet dress is finished and the little lady of the house looks precious in it. Because the skirt is very wide there is place enough to move, jump and play and it is still nice and warm.  It is the first time that I sew something that comes out as I actually wanted it and it turned out to be something I would do again blindly (almost).  I just love this dress.  If anybody wants to lend the pattern well...just say so.

And the Cashmere-Tweed sweater for Noah (we actually call him the calf, because he drinks about 3 liters of milk per day, that is if I get to stop him) is finished. It came out a bit big but he will grow (with so much milk I can't be worried about that) in it I guess.  I'm lucky that he wants to put it on in the first place an even likes it!  Yes, as Mason&Dixson in "Knitting outside the lines" would say:  "Kids grow up. Somewhere in the range of 8 to 10, Johnny and Dylan get the idea that what Auntie Knitty is making for them is flat-out the fugliest stuff they have ever seen.  They dig in their heels, and their heels are not wearing handknit slipper socks."  This article and in fact the whole book is absolutely worth the money.  It is tough work to knit for teens, believe me it is!

After all the work came Eliane and friendly asked if he could help me with preparing the big trip to the south so I wished a real american apple pie for dinner and she took this very seriously.  The most delicious help I have ever had.