miércoles, diciembre 1

First collection

There is things that can just never get to be unfashionable, things you get to love over the years and can use them and reuse them again and again.

The boys know that very well and even the big guy now talks about his poor cold ears!  Now...

My first collection is here!!!!
some of the colours

 They will be sold in a Shop for modern childwear in Zürich and possibly also in Baden.  I will be taking orders on any size, also adult and in many colour combinations.  Making takes about two weeks (slowclothes remember?)
The "slow" shows outside and "clothes" inside

Pure 100% goodness, swiss made

domingo, noviembre 14

Mango-Mascarpone Monument

I spent 3 hours fighting against all sorts of  ingredients to get this cake done for Kerstin.  She turned 45 so I decided that being 45 would be for me the half of a lifetime, so she actually deserves it.

Yes, girls... I'm not doing this for every B-Day.  But the one or other "old cookie" will get one of this for her celebration.

lunes, noviembre 8

For Nina

My very good Belgian Friend living in Brussels just got a baby!  Nina...

That was certainliy the perfect oportunity to get some Babygoodies done again.  For the first, a cudly alien who has no name jet

a Ms. Zimmermans classic in baby alpaca.  A little bit difficult to knit but just lovely and warm.

miércoles, octubre 27


Hey, I'm around again. Was helping my family getting started in shoool and in a new job. Though times but fruitfull.

I've been knitting and doing but not posting for this reason.

To get you started and as a reward por my patient visitors I found one of my favorite songs for you.

Just listen...

I finally finished the scarf I was knitting for myself with the wool Stefanie kindly gave to me. I had to spinn it first and I got me started into that too.  I wear it everyday now and it keeps me warm.  I just enjoy it so much I could also go to sleep with it!

 I took the pattern from Jane Sowerby's Victorian Lace Today, which is full of beautiful things but very scary if you think of how thin the wool is, that you are suposed to be using!

martes, junio 22

Nothing for my dear swiss friends

Dear everybody,

I have been away but have not stopped working on my stuff. I'll show you soon. For now I have something for you that is not intended for the tender eyes of my swiss friends (although I can feel their desapointment all around me and understand it well):

Mundial Sudafrica 2010: Chile Vs Suiza (Relato de Claudio Palma DirecTV HD) from Ricardo Alvarez on Vimeo.

Until soon,


miércoles, marzo 3

They all know it will come but they try to live everyday thinking it won't happen today

Chile is one of the areas in the world with the most tectonic activity.  My parents live outside Santiago and had to put up with a couple of difficult days but fortunately nothing happened to them or their home.  I'm thankful for that but very sad for all other people suffering.  My oncle, the eldest brother of my mom, his wife and two children live about 40 Km from the epicentrum...we are still hopeing to hear from them.  His doughter living in Santiago is desperate, so are we.  My dad cannot comunicate with anybody of his family, also living near the most damaged parts of the south, in Talca.

In December we travelled to all those beautiful places, the region I belive to be the soul of Chile. The wine production takes place mostly there and you find lots of historical sites from the colonial time.

I think of my friends who moved two years ago from Switzerland to Chile, bought a beautiful old colonial house and have been renovating ever since.  They lost great part of their efforts in 120 seconds.

I saw today the President of Chile, a very strong woman, who everybody admires talk to the journalist while letting the tears run down her face.

To all helping in anyway or spending to help, thank you so much.

jueves, enero 21

"Isa" the little cardigan

So finally I finished the little cardigan which I was designing using a pattern for a scarf I found in the Spinn-off Magazine.  I can't believe that I just used one single skein of Noro Sockyarn and still had quite a piece left!

I'll probably be publishing on ravelry very soon, so look for me there (Maria Paz) if you are interested on the pattern.

lunes, enero 18

Back and fighting

I'm back.  Had a hard time getting used to the cold weather in Switzerland so I was like frozen for at least two weeks.  Now I'm knitting again, that means probably that I'm back to life after a dream and a time to get back from it.

At first I had to do the sorting thing with my needles, because there is lots of people who know I knit.   They keep on giving me their used needles.