miércoles, marzo 3

They all know it will come but they try to live everyday thinking it won't happen today

Chile is one of the areas in the world with the most tectonic activity.  My parents live outside Santiago and had to put up with a couple of difficult days but fortunately nothing happened to them or their home.  I'm thankful for that but very sad for all other people suffering.  My oncle, the eldest brother of my mom, his wife and two children live about 40 Km from the epicentrum...we are still hopeing to hear from them.  His doughter living in Santiago is desperate, so are we.  My dad cannot comunicate with anybody of his family, also living near the most damaged parts of the south, in Talca.

In December we travelled to all those beautiful places, the region I belive to be the soul of Chile. The wine production takes place mostly there and you find lots of historical sites from the colonial time.

I think of my friends who moved two years ago from Switzerland to Chile, bought a beautiful old colonial house and have been renovating ever since.  They lost great part of their efforts in 120 seconds.

I saw today the President of Chile, a very strong woman, who everybody admires talk to the journalist while letting the tears run down her face.

To all helping in anyway or spending to help, thank you so much.

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