martes, noviembre 25

The Postman rings twice and.....Humanus is here!!!!

I have been searching for this spinning wheel for so long!!! Humanus, made in Switzerland. Truly expensiv but as I have heard over an over one of the best. Very easy to use. I'll try it and tell you more about it. Found it in for little money. Was bought in 1982 but looks pefect and as I can see it works.

If everything goes well I'be selling my ashford traditional, which is also quite fine but I do not have enought space for two so... watch out.


I have been on this Kaffee Fasset for an eternity. I'm making it for my husband who actualy chose the most dificult model for men in "Kaffe Knits again". I will not do the back like the front, it will be a sourprise for all of you, just wait.


A friend is expecting a baby due for February, not much time left and if you consider that most of my girfriends are over 40 the chance I'll get to knit baby things are getting smaller and smalller so let's do it right I thoght and grabed my Zimmerman evergreen.

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