miércoles, diciembre 17

Taditional Art not to be lost

Today I want to show you something very special, the "Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco". Cusco, this region of Peru near Machu Pichu is keeper of the old textile traditions of the precolumbian people. The indians here (do not like calling them like that because they are not, nor aborigines because those are australin, but can not find a better word) learn in their early childhood the Art. Much is being forgotten, for example the process of natural dying because of the introduction of industrial chemical methods, also the techniques are getting lost because the big comerce does not have place for complicated stuff that takes time and therefore money. Anyhow, the "Centro de Textiles" works together with some villages that are working towards preservation and revival. The results are beautiful. Please look at the beautiful hats, mostly made without pattern just out of the memory (try to do that yourself!!). Just worth looking into it. Special: jung boys and Men knit and wave too.

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