martes, agosto 11

What's coming

This week I have been writting my plans, putting them to paper helps me think and get some stuff clear.

In november I'll be going to Chile for 6 weeks, Noah, Elias and Isabelle will be going to school there and I expecto to be able to get some research done about chilean slow clothes development.

I will be visiting Araucania Yarns ( They are doing an amazing slow work. They produce yarns with row materials of mostly local provenience and dye it all by hand with local labor in socialy responsable maner.

Also will be visiting the women of Fundación Chol-Chol Mapuche people from Chile working with self produced and self processed wool. The beauty of their work lies in simplicity and in the natural dyes they use.

Will be posting a very nice video about fundacion chol-chol (that is when I find out how to embed it, anybody there to help?)

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