jueves, septiembre 3

Fundación chol-chol and other

Finally I could make friends with youtube and now I beleive to know how to embed the video from the mapuche women.

Funny about this organisation ist that first they tryed to aid the mapuche families by teaching the men and generating jobs for them.  After a few years work, they wanted to know how the families life standard had progressed with the proyect and dicovered that the men were earning more but this was not at all reflected in a better life for the family (i let you guess why).  So, they took up the work with the women and started by offering a knitting course and saw that there were much more people interested as expected.  Now with the old knowledge of the women and some new techniques learned in the courses, the families are getting by much better than before and the women do not have to spend hours and day in the markets selling their textiles for ridiculous prices.

Help women, change the world.

And so I leave again to paint a table for my doughters room, cook, clean and do administration all in an our before the kids come back from school.  Bye!

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