viernes, julio 8

Sun, fruit and freshness

The time has come for all ripe stuff in my garden.  This year the apricot tree has produce a huge ammount of fantastic fruit, all organic.  Too much fruit at once so I made some jam with puting a bit of Risling wine in it and smooting  everything afterwords to get a pieceless jam that everybody in my familiy will get to love.

The alfonso mangoes where directly brought to me from India.  They are THE Mangoes at their best.  How do I deserve that?  One week catsitting, that's it.  Lucky me.  The mangoes where eaten straight like that, all with the raw hands.  While the juice was running down their elbows,h the kids could not get enough.  Some where made to a delicious Mango Lassi with a soft scent of kardamom.

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