domingo, mayo 31

Flusi and the lost socks!

Do you know why the socks keep on getting lost in my washing? Everybody has this problem. Now in our home we have a big bag full of one-leged socks waiting to find their beloved one. Some socks have been there for four years already but as it is in life, not everybody can find the perfect couple ans so some stay single forever.

Well, we know what is happening here: it's Flusi, the Sockmonster.

We got the book about Flusi some years ago from a friend that knows our unsolved problem with the socks, now there is a new one: "Flusi and the Sockwool" (only in German I think).

Coats celebrates its 60th anniversary with it and made also nice sockwool for children. I say...just great to motivate children and families to knit. The book is given for free with the wool by the Coats retailers. Good idea, well done!

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