martes, junio 9

Kaffe Fassett but with a different touch

It took me ages to finish this Pullunder but then my housband's B-day was coming around and this was suposed to be his B-day present! I had to work every fee minute of my day (and that is not a lot really) and I took the whole thing and needles just about everywhere I went, but in the end I made it.

This is as you know a modell from Kaffe Fassetts new book but I decided that the back would look much better stiped, but I made the stripes so that the colors from the front would follow the line exactly on the back.

The shirt is from Paul Smith and I think it does match perfectly.

Got already a lot of compliments, my husband wants to wear the pullunder everyday but it is too hot now for it. That makes up for all the work.

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